Finding your apps on the Start Screen

windows_Dec18_BWith the update to Windows 8.1 offering users the ability to boot directly into Desktop mode, the Start Screen has gone largely unused by many business users. However, you will still have to use it eventually, and some users have found that the tile-based layout of the Start Screen does offer some benefits.

6 taskbar tips for Windows

Windows_Sep22_BWindows 8 and 8.1 are increasingly becoming more popular, with many businesses switching over to the newer system. Often, when Windows 8 is used the office it is switched over to the desktop mode which includes the popular taskbar. Did you know that you can actually change the settings related to this?

1. Add or remove programs from your taskbar

By default, there are usually two icons on your taskbar: Internet Explorer and File Explorer.

Windows 8 tip: How to find a file's size

Windows_March14_BWhen it comes to computers, one of the main components is the operating system (OS). It allows users to communicate with the computer in a way that we can understand. Arguably the most popular OS is Microsoft’s Windows. Windows 8 was released last year and brought with it a drastic change to the Windows environment.

BYOD made feasible due to Windows 8

Microsoft has an exciting fourth quarter of 2012 ahead. The impending release of Windows 8 is being met with mixed thoughts by pundits, and there are a ton of new features that could essentially change how we use computers. Some of these features focus on enabling businesses to adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution.

$40 will get you an upgrade to Windows 8

It’s rumored that later this year, most likely in October, Microsoft will release its latest operation system, Windows 8. While a preview version has been available for a number of months, many users have been curious as to how much they’re going to have to pay to upgrade.

Windows 8 Slims Down Versions

Microsoft is a company that’s well-known for releasing many different versions of the same operating system. With the impending release of Windows 8, they’re aiming to slim down the number offered. There will be a core set of features available across all editions, with each version aimed at different markets.

Windows 7 Not Working? Tips to Fix

The Windows Operating System is the most widely used OS in the world and many users have adopted, or will adopt, Windows 7 as their main OS. By most accounts, Windows 7 is a stable OS, but it’s an inevitability that Windows 7 and its programs will stop working from time-to-time forcing the user to restart the computer.

Microsoft Windows 8 Customer Preview and Your Business

On February 29, 2012 Microsoft will launch a Customer Preview of its new Operating System, Windows 8. The Customer Preview, commonly called a Beta, is a pre-release product aimed to let Windows users test and learn the operating system before the release of the retail version, scheduled for late 2012. The OS has been driving lots of interest and businesses are eager to get their hands it.